Jun 23, 2013

I can not believe how my life has changed in the last 10 months. I'm busy with art, family, work, family and friends. Not complaining but it leaves so little time for sharing on my blog. Change is so hard to handle with something like my blog. I love sharing projects and life here. However, its more instant on Facebook and Instagram and Tumblr Please look me up and like on one of those options. Pam Stimpson on FB. I will return here from time to time. Checking on all of you. xoxo Pammyjo

Sep 1, 2012

Facebook Has Stolen Time

I so miss my time here. Where has the summer gone. Dry and dessert like conditions, draught. I feel like I've shriveled up and my creative too. Anyone else feeling the blah. I'm a bit perked up today, as it's raining and cooler. Just a slight feeling of Fall around the corner. Yeah! Looking to forward to my favorite times of the year, not far off
I've been working on a whimsical bed for my lil' great granddaughter. Since this photo collage, I have repainted the headboard. It was just TOO busy! LOL Will share update soon. Coming back into a creative mood and I'm going to start hopping around to see what everyone else has been up to. :) P

May 9, 2012

Still Playing in the Studio

I've been seriously into the zentangle/doodle challenges. It's so fun. The prompts have been awesome. I have completed over half of my new art journal with all this jumble of lines in my head. I got payment of a used desk I wanted for a commisioned piece. I have totally redone it. It's now Marley's spot in GGs Studio. She is as happy there as I am. We love projects. I've included a few pics of her art desk. I have to admit now I want one like it. LOL Well until next time, keep creating and looking forward to "Artful". :) P

Feb 5, 2012

Creative Brain Spasms .... LOL

I keep coming up with ideas, but never enough time. I want to create this and that, and try this and that. It's a constant thing with me. What the HEECCKK. I love Aimee's brain pic. Only the stuff in my head is written a lot smaller. LOL :)
Short, but a post. Visit Aimee at http://artsyville.blogspot.com/

Jan 27, 2012

Itty Bitty Hat Fun

I'm having so much fun, making photo props for my daughter. These lil' hats look so cute on her precious littles photos. She is an amazing photographer! Keeping my hooks busy! :) P

Jan 22, 2012

More Yarn Play

Well, I am so inspired to play with these tin covers that Lucy created. I have scraps that would be perfect. I'm going to make some for my deck. I think the plants on my tables would look playful and fun with these creations, not to mention pretty.
I'm working on some baby hats for my daughters photography studio also. I included a pic below. I cut apart a vintage pearl necklace she found on one of her treasure hunts. They snuggled in to the stitches for some bling. I think they show up a little in the one photo. Have a great week everyone! :) P

Jan 13, 2012

Inspiration ... A Story

Copy an paste to your web browser, Lucy shares a wonderful story on how we all inspire each other. The blogland circle. Have a great day! P