Oct 28, 2007

Just another Sunday

Busy with laundry and cleaning my house. Trying to get chores done so I can sit down and may tags or paint an ACEO. My dogs, Wynnie and Dottie, are on a I own this street barking jag today. They lay with their pampered butts on the back of the couch and bark at everyone going by. They want people to notice them and hopefully play with them. Never works. I just yell stop and they look at me like I'm the insane one. LOL

I've listed a few new things on e-bay today. Some folkart Santas that just keep coming out of my brush. I'm on this dark blue, deep red pallette that is so fun. I love the splash of gold and tan colors with it. I don't know what will transpire at my table later, ?. Could be painting or altering some darling photos I've come across from a friend. Yippeee!
Until later. :)

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picture.girl said...

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love ya