Nov 18, 2007

Painting Weekend

I have had a very productive weekend. I got quite a bit of painting done, and mailed off all my sold items from this week. It's so exciting. My santas have gone to Colorado, Wisconsin, and Missouri. You can find me on e-bay by searching for grammys art. The little santa on the left is one of my newest auctions.

Martie and I got quite a few items done for our Riverbend Friends e-bay auctions. We also mailed off the most recent sales. We are having so much fun. Deb finished three appliqued sweatshirts this weekend too. They all sold the same day. LOL

Today I put up my Christmas tree. Don't laugh. I had to have John get it down from the attic. Since his hunting season starts big time the day after Thanksgiving, I had to put it up early, or not at all. I would have had a three footer again this year. Giggle! I have alot more things to get put out, but I'll do that when he's gone to Missouri hunting.

I baked some pumpkin bread today and put it in the freezer for Thanksgiving. The kids are coming for dinner.

I'm tired tonight, so hitting the sack early. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Thanksgiving, if I don't get back for a few days.


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