Mar 2, 2008

I Think I Can Sense Spring

I went out this morning, and it just felt and smelled like Spring is near. Reality says my yard has a swamp on top of still frozen ground. But ... I didn't care, I know it's close.

The little bunny you see is a new offering on E-bay. When I got done with him, I just wanted to kiss his cheek. He is such a cutie. I've been painting quite a bit. My mind has been jumbled with holidays, all of them. So my
E-bay posts have reflected the same. I think I have finally broken through to a fresh new start. Isn't that what Spring is about. I personally have to kick myself in the butt about this time of year. I wonder if that's how bears feel coming out of hibernation. LOL

I'm in the middle of planning a huge birthday blast for my husband. He is very social and it's hard to keep secrets from him, but so far so good. We only have 6 more days.

Well keep thinking positive and joyfully, as the weather warms, it will get easier.

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