Apr 17, 2008

Ta Da! I'm Organized

Well ... I'm organized, cleaned, and I've been messing around again. Fresh new color, everything almost at my finger tips. I love my shelves for my paints. My moon pie thought that up. Perfect size for my bottles. Now I'm in to tubes, giggle. I need to make or get curtains. I have an old panel up there, because my studio sits back by the alley and people walk by to the park and I don't want them seeing in. My back is to it and it freaks me out. LOL I have a super red shag rug for my tootsies to cuddle in and a little refrigerator and heat. I will soon be getting air conditioning, but I plan to enjoy the spring breezes for as long as possible. Now that the weather is warming, I'll get things straightened up around outside and the porch. Then I can't wait to plant flowers.

Hope to be posting some new items this weekend. Keep a look out.

Enjoy the rest of the week. :o) P

1 comment:

picture.girl said...

Looks awesome. I wish I had my own little space. Now you will be extra creative.....