May 5, 2008

My B-day Weekend ... Flu

Darn! I was sick for my get away weekend. I had big plans to search antique and junk stores for old photographs and collectibles for my daughters studio. Total bust! Today I was tons better and accomplished a lot in the studio, but, I feel a loss because it wasn't what I was looking so forward too. But ... this evening, I gathered my thoughts and photos and created some more ACEOs. I hope to be getting them on e-bay before the end of the week. I feel better after spending some quiet time in my cosy little corner of the yard. Check out my posts from today.

Hope we have more days like the wonderful weather we had today.
This little Fairy and his toy elephant just made me laugh. I had to create a little ACEO space for him to live.


Gaby Bee. said...

What a lovely card! The boy riding on the elephant is gorgeous and make me laugh, too.
Hope you feel better soon.
Have a wonderful week enjoying the freshness of Spring!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Pammy Jo! When something gets in the way of a birthday around my house we have a "do over". You deserve a do over for sure! Just wanted to say, "Thank You!" for linking to my site! Your artwork is stunning! I hope you join us on our challenge blog soon!
Creatively Yours, Laura

Viola said...

What a wonderful piece! :-)