Aug 10, 2008

Birthday Barbecue

The evening was so awesome. Warm with cool breeze. Great food and alot of things going on. Kids in the pool, I'm pretty sure it was 5 straight hours only breaking for a small plate of food. It was lots of fun. There was pool olympics, eating olympics and Wii olympics and tons of great laughs. We only had 3 cakes, 1 cheesecake and brownies to choose from for dessert. LOL
I didn't get to go Wii bowling, the boys were hogging it for football, after they were forced from the pool. Giggle.
I got a picture of AJ, not sure if he's pouting because he's not in the pool or just cooling off under the table.
Tay missed a good party, she was up to see her friend at the U of I and shopping. I'm sure she missed us terribly.
Happy Birthday Skip. X's P


Bren said...

It looks like you had a Blast!!

Hugs, B

Sally L. Smith said...

I was wondering where you live in Illinois. I live two hours West of the U of I.