Nov 8, 2008

Give-a-way Paper Reminder

Good Saturday morning. I have a fresh cup of coffee I've visited a few friends already, and here am. I wanted to post the finished stitched Santa and I've started another. I have not picked out the fabric to finish them out, I struggle with fabric decisions. LOL. I'll get him pressed and start the do I like this or that process or maybe I'll procrastinate and wait until I finish Santa II and make them coordinate. But ... I have altered another fab Santa coloring page to stitch ... I might have to wait until they are all done. All are from different 1940-1950 coloring books. Giggle!

I'm planning on spending the day in the studio. I'm going to be trying new backgrounds and techniques from online tutorials. I so admire my blogger friend Linda from the UK. She is super talented and always trying new things. She is brave about her art and the results are beautiful. So ... she has inspired me to try some new things. While I might not post them, at least I'm having fun trying new things. Visit her blog, it's really fun to watch what she comes up with next. She and Rosie are so productive.

Don't forget my previous post and the paper giveaway! Leave a comment for a chance to win.

Here is my latest Ebay post. The weather yesterday had a few flakes in the air, windy and cold. So ... out of the studio came this little "snow fairy". She just appeared. Do those things happen to anyone else? Hugs, :o) P


Linda said...

I am so honoured you mentioned me Pammyjo - thank you! You are right... I love trying new things, although I'm no expert. Having fun is the most important thing.
Linda x

Bren said...

Good Morning Pammy!!1 Love the Santa, he turned out Great!!


Tootie said...

PammyJo, your Santa is wonderful! I love stitchery patterns from the 40s and 50s. I also like Redwork and I'm toying with an idea of making a Redwork quilt in the future!
Good luck picking your material!