Dec 8, 2008

A Christmas Angel

This is our little Christmas angel. Isn't she precious. It's hard to get anything done, we want to watch her every move. I just love holding her and feeling the little bundle of sugar. LOL She is such a sweet and very good girl and three weeks old tonight. She is pictured in her Christmas dress and so I bought her a little white fur coat. The coat lining matches her underneath dress ruffles. We couldn't resist. It was just to darling. I just had to share my new pictures. Have a great week. :o) P


Tami said...

How precious! Love the little fur coat too!

Tolentreasures said...

I bought my little granddaughter a white fur coat this year also! I love them, I remembered when my girls had them! How sweet she is! Can't get enough of them, can you?


Viola said...

Soooo sweet, Pammyjo! What a cutie-pie! :o)

Karen Owen said...

She's so beautiful! That dress and coat are lovely. I guess you know from my blog that I have a new grandbaby too - a boy. He's 3 months old now. Grandbabies are such a joy, aren't they?

Linda said...

Pammyjo that is such a wonderful picture! No wonder you love holding her...I wish I could give her a cuddle too!
Christmas wishes
Linda xx