Dec 15, 2008

Wool Project Search

These cute cards are a give away at They are handmade . Stop by and visit, just leave a comment, but I'm sure they want to visit my studio. LOL This is a very neat blog and a super creative artist.
I got my order from Alpha Stamps and I have all kind of ideas whirling in my head. I hope to get some studio time this week. I do have a lot of days off coming up, so ... maybe.
I have been purchasing a lot of wonderful hand dyed wool, and I'm wanting something to do with it. Something small to start out with some applique. Where to search? Any ideas out there. The background wool I ordered is a dark brown, almost black. It's a really rich color. I ordered a folkart pattern for a table runner, and I love it, but ... I'm afraid to start out with something so big now. I love hand stitching, but I need to practice the blanket stitch, it never looks very uniform any suggestions on that. Until later, Hug, :o) P


Tolentreasures said...

I have emails from an online group that I belong to of all the steps for a penny rug. Circles are a great way to practice your blanket stitch and they are small and portable and easy. Email me if you want me to forward them to you...they are on about 12 or so emails.


Tootie said...

Hey PammyJo!
Thanks for the kind words! Don't you just love it when an order comes in the your Alpha Stamp order! I always get a creative rush!
Merry Christmas!