Mar 2, 2009

March, Are You Kidding Me

It just isn't possible, March. Time just flys by. It's incredible. Most of you know I've been battling this eye and sinus stuff for almost two months. Well to day I went to the doctor and had a CT scan. All appeared normal except the inflammation in the maxil, ethomoid and frontal as confirmed. So, I don't have to be roto-rooted. He decided to do allergy testing. I was pricked in my arms for 46 items. The nurse said you will feel a slightly itchy feeling and you may develop raised areas like a mosquito bite. I thot no biggy, let's get to the bottom of this. Well, I had a reaction. The itchy feeling and raised areas were incredible. I wanted to scream and run and shove my arms in a snow drift. It's been four hours and I still have raised areas and they are red like a burn. Only me. Now we know I'm allergic to every mold, dust, tree and grass. The only things I didn't react to was horse. Dog was just a mild irritant. I've always suffered from allergy symptoms, I just took claritin and kept going. Now I have to discuss allergy shots and so forth. He said they are severe. Do ya think? So ... off I go, we will try to get these buggers under control. I have to take a steriod for a brief time. Yuck! Holy Monkeys! This has been a nightmare.
Had a wonderful Sunday afternoon with our Marley Love Bug. Grandpa got to spend alot of time with her. He makes a complete goofball of himself entertaining her. LOL

I also wanted to post an update on my sampler. It's coming along, but with this busy week, I didn't get to stitch as much as I wanted.

Have a wonderful creative week. I plan to be productive, now that I feel I'm getting to the bottom of my health issues. I don't feel so drug out and weary from wondering what's wrong. :o)Hug,P


Tami said...

Will be keeping you in my prayers! Feel better soon!


basketsnprims said...

I hope you get feeling better ~ I have sinus problems too, and starting rinsing them with the saline & it has helped alot. What a little dollie you've got there & I love your sampler.