Mar 29, 2009

Spring Adventures & Stitching

Where did this week go:? I've been so busy. Last weekend my friend's daughter was married. It was so beautiful and we had a great time at the reception. It was a grand affair. I'm including a picture of the beautiful bride and our lil' Princess of Joy.Aren't they so pretty.
Saturday, we went on our treasure/junk hunt despite the weather forecast. We had so much fun, rummaging through the booths. My daughter bought me a darling antique sewing rocker. It's in mint condition and I love it (picture later, still in my Explorer, giggle). I bought a really neat sewing table and chair for my studio. It's the perfect style and size. I've wanted it and seen these several times, but they were painted a zillion times or in really ruff shape. Well the bluebird of treasure hunting landed on my shoulder, because I got an original finish, super good shape and the best and most remarkable part ... it was only $18.00. I whisked it to the front of the barn and check out, paid, and we loaded it in the vehicle. I got the neatest prim wool peep too. I'll save the rest for another post.
The next picture is what the weather brought on our way home. It was horrible for about 30 miles. The worst sleet, then heavy snow, then sleet again and finally the closer to home we got, it was just rain.
Now for my last babbling on ... I couldn't resist this freebie, it was so prim darling. I love the tall skinny bunny and it's been stitching up quickly. I plan to prim grunge it a bit when I'm done.
I'll look up where I downloaded so you can get a copy. I just used part of the total chart. I think it will make a cute ditty bag.
Plum Street Samplers is where I got my skinny bunny pattern. It's a free download from her Mar. 20 post. I'm sure you will enjoy your visit.

Have a fun creative week. Hug :o) P


Tolentreasures said...

Your stitchery looks so nice and congrats on your great "finds" Is it just my computer? I am having a really hard time reading your blog. The words on the posts are partially in the border? Is that just me? I have to squint and roll them to a certain place or they don't show up?


basketsnprims said...

I love that stitchery, I hope you find the source. Have a wonderful day.