Apr 4, 2009

Saturday Sharing and Sunshine

Below is the progress of my Halloween sampler. One of my WIP.

I'm so excited about the neatest pattern booklet I ordered. I got it at heartstringprimitives on Etsy. I visit Beth's blog and when she was talking about this booklet of new patterns, I couldn't resist. Aren't the prim luscious!

Well ... I better get going on more domestic duties. I also have to clean up my new rocker for stitching in. Picture tomorrow.
I'm enjoying time this a.m. with my grandson. He is a corker. He comes off with the funniest quips. He's just left to go help grandpa with a Ducks Unlimited event setup. They will be home soon and then I have to get ready for the DU dinner and auction. The sunshine is so wonderful today ... I don't want to leave my comfy chair that has the warm rays shinning on it. Hug,:o) P


Tami said...

They all are so adorable!!

Have a wonderful time today!

Terry said...

Hi Pammy Jo! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed visiting yours too, and added you to my blog list. Your stitcherys are awesome!
Feel free to add me to your list too.