May 29, 2009

Friday Fiddling Around

I took a picture of my Stacy Nash I'm working on. The pillow is her Skeleton Key Tree and the one I'm working on now is part of Garden Gate pattern. There are little black crows to be added yet and some more of the bush. It's so relaxing. I also received in the mail my new patterns from Blackbird. They are scrumptious. I want them done now. Why can't I just enjoy the process of stitching them. I always want them done.LOL I know I'm not the only thread head out there like that. I've read your confessions. Giggle!
I also found an additional piece in my altered art ephemera that I want to add to my work in progress. I'm pretty sure she needs a little bird. I knew I had the one that would be perfect, but I had to sort through and organize and pitch to find it. After all that ... there it was. Ta Da! LOL
I painted an old table with an enamel tin top. It was real flaky white paint. I scraped that off. My hubster power washed it and I painted it the color I chose. Yuck, spit, pooey! I don't like it. So ... next trip to town, I'm getting another color. I'll get it right sometime. I thot I had picked the neatest summer bright yellow, and it looks like a road sign. Whatever I come up with, it won't be yellow. It's for my patio when it gets done. The cement guy stopped by today and is coming tomorrow to use a piece of equipment to measure how to get a slope so rain will flow away from the house when the concrete is poured. ???
Anyway ... back to creating. Tomorrow will be filled with food prep for the grad party Sunday. It's going to be so fun. Have an enjoyable creative weekend. Hug, :)P


basketsnprims said...

Pammy JO ~ Love your cross stitch ~ I just love Stacy's patterns. I haven't forgotten about your basket ~ I've just been swamped lately. Have a great weekend.

plain*worker*primitives said...

Both pieces you are working on are amazing... I LOVE the colors in your altered art work.
Hope the grad party was fun!!
Have a great week,