May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day! It's chilly, raining and gloomy here. But, I really am zoning it out. I'm puttering around in my creative space. I had planned to paint a table for my patio. However, I left the sack with my paint in it at the store and I didn't want to go back and get it as it would be around an hour round trip. Yuck. So ... I'll get it after work tomorrow. I was visiting with a friend and paying and the cashier didn't put that sack in my cart, and I just went out the door. I hate it when I do dumb stuff like that. It was fun chatting with my friend tho. LOL
I'm doing some canvas altered art and came in to stitch for awhile, while it's drying a little. I'm working on a Stacy Nash pattern. At least part of one. I'm using a section of one of her patterns to make a little pillow to tuck in a cupboard. I love her prim stuff.
My Johnny is frying fish for the American Legion today. Thank goodness that's inside. We always go up to the Veterans Memorial site for the program each year. This year if this keeps up I think I'll pass, they will probably cancel anyway. Darn. It's a nice way to remember all who have fought and died so we can be enjoying our abundance and freedom.
Keep creating. Have a great end to the long weekend. Hug, :) P


Tammy said...

Can't wait to see your Stacy Nash project! It sounds as if you had a great MD !

Betsy said...

Hi Pammy Jo,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and please feel free to add me to your sidebar. I'd like to add you to mine also if ok.
My garden is doing well now if not a little too wet but at least no more frost. :)
Hope you have a great day.