May 23, 2009

Saturday In the Swing

Our dear little Princess of Joy spent the night with us last night. Great Grandpa got her a new swing. Wow! What a hit it was. She loved it. We also got her a seat with tray that will turn into a booster seat. It was a lot easier for feeding and she can sit and play with toys in it. She was thinking she was the big cheese. As usual it was a great time and we love snuggling her every chance we get to.
Tomorrow I will be posting my new doll. She is precious. She's for my studio and her cute face reminds me of Miss M. Bright brown eyed, prim little Annie. Stay tuned. We have overcast sky and a few sprinkles. But don't look for a lot of rain until Monday.
Hope your weekend is a joy for you too. I plan to spend alot of time in the studio tomorrow. Yippee! Hug, :0)P


Tami said...

Awwww....she sure is a precious little on!!

Have a great Memorial weekend!


Tolentreasures said...

She is so adorable! Our little girl loves to swing also, I need to get one at home instead of standing at the playground forever. Have a great holiday weekend.