Oct 4, 2009

No Sun ... Loads of Fun

We headed out on a dreary morning with two other couples to enjoy Spoon River Drive. It is an annual Fall (always the first two full weekends in Oct.) drive through several burgs along the Spoon River, just east of us. It was a misty, dreary, damp cold day. Icky! So ... we had to make our own sunshine with lots of laughs and goofing around. Boy we were good at that. I was truly exhausted from laughing all day and shopping. I hope to show you a few of my treasures and ideas tomorrow. For now, I have a picture of The Little Red Barn. They have free roaming chickens wondering around outside their antiques and junk treasures place. I have never seen a chicken eat pumpkins, but they appeared to love them.

I didn't get my Fall Gathering picture sent off to Char at the Pickled Pepper Patch for her slide show. So I'm sharing it now. You can see my new whimsical garden flag. I got it put out this morning. Also, my biggest treasure from Spoon River is my great big salt box house, that is to serve as a night light on the deck. I just fell in love with it and I knew if we didn't get it, I would regret it. So...everyone kidded me about loading it home. Said they couldn't buy anything, because I hogged all the space. But, with a little organization, we all got out treasures home. LOL We've been packed in tighter before, so I just tuned them out. The guys of course think we're crazy, but an awesome huge saltbox house makes it worth all the teasing. Well, I'm working on a 25 cent bargain today. I'll take before and after.

Until later, keep creating! XX P

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picture.girl said...

LOVE the salt box house. Awesome