Oct 18, 2009

Photo Freebie

I just had to share this darling picture. It's my neighbor Portia.It's in the late 1940's ... she wouldn't be specific. LOL. What a cutie. Double click to enlarge and save to your computer. O' and please share if you use her in one of your art pieces. I'd love to see what transpires from this cutie. I'm thinking "Joy" as an inspiration. Have fun.

I'm straightening and cleaning in the studio today. Things never get back where they go when I'm creating and playing. I want to be neat and organized, but it never happens. Snips, crumples, drips and it just never ends. But ... I'm getting a handle on it today.
I finished some little tiny pumpkin painting. My friend, the crafty truck driver got them for us at a little stand in her travels. I hope to post a picture later today. Send well wishes to her from my side bar, Brens Busy Hands. She fell on the job and messed up her wrist and arm and ... the worst part, she can't be very creative. I know she'd love to hear from you and is watching us all create and stopping by our blogs.
Well, until later. Keep creating ... hug, P

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