Jan 2, 2010

Inspirational Quote Mini Journal

I'm working on a mini art journal and adding some of my favorite quotes. I have the base papers finally glued and a tiny bit of embellishment. They are 3" x 7 chipboard with a screw post. I hope to complete by spring. I'm also wanting to start a bigger art journal. I'm searching for one now. I really want a square one, but so far I've only found in the UK and they are expensive to mail. SO...we'll see. I would consider a handmade one if reasonably priced. I'm off the Etsy to see if there are any there. I hope you all are starting your new year out with a little creativity and some super fun vibes. I just feel like this year will be so creative, and can't wait to explore new things. My daughter has a different studio, and I know she's grown and stretched to amazing capabilities, so I'm sure this year will be full of a lot of fun for her. How about all of you? I'm going to surf and drop in when I can this weekend.
I was so sad that MLB Studio closed for the last time last night. I will miss playing there, but Moriah is going back to work and it's to hard to keep up and work too. I understand completely, but family first, always. I'm so glad Millande is still keeping up with all her inspiration and challenges. Please visit our community of artists when you can and support the coffee fund. She's amazingly creative and talented and shares so much. Until later, hug...


Tami said...

Love the colors you picked for your new project. I am getting back into the swing here...with creating that is. Cannot wait to share them when they are finished.

May you and your family have a very Blessed New Year!!
Hugs~ T

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

These are such incredible colors. I love this journal.