Mar 15, 2010

Sunshine in the Studio ... Hurray!

Well it's been awhile since I've posted, but I have been creative. Mainly in the organizing new supplies, ideas, sketching and cleaning out the studio. My things get out of hand fast. When you are putting away and going over your stash you get side tracked. Ideas flow, you come across projects you need to finish, or start. I know you all know what I'm talking about. One thing leads to another and before you know it you have the brushes, glue, paints, markers, colored pencils and all your new supply of canvas, paper and journals begging for attention. LOL Our creative spaces have a life of their own and they bid us come in, then we're lost in fun and play.
I repainted a little angel that hangs on my studio porch. She was a gift along time ago and was getting a little weathered. I freshened her up with a new coat of polka-dots and her face had almost disappeared so I brought it back to life and added a little flower on wire.

I also got some zentangle doodles done for posting on my favorite group sites. Some are from circle prompts or challenges. The two posted are almost complete. I'm loving my new Pitt pens. They are wonderful, but I still resort to my Microns for the 005 details. I can't do without it. Some handmade papers I ordered from Etsy came in the mail, and they are so neat. They are small pieces but I added some to my journal and I'm not sure what will be on them.

Well, leave a comment when you visit, and I hope the sunshine is making your muse soar. Until later, P


Tolentreasures said...

I love these doodlings! They are so neat! I know what you mean about the cleaning, I get so sidetracked when I try!

Eden said...

Your ART is so fun and inspiring!! Was looking for a flickr account to see more of it! Ah, well. Love your blog :D