Apr 18, 2010

Zentangle Doodles in Progress

Well I picked a word from my prompt jar this week and it was "believe". So I set my Pitt pen to doodling, the picture is what came out. I love this doodling. It's fast, gets the creative juice rolling and then when time permits, you can play with watercolors too. I plan on being in the studio all day. Yesterday, was a play day with my little bundle of darlingness. We had so much fun. She had a small new bucket, and collected almost all the "yallo" flowers from the back yard. She included some beautiful cement chips from when we finished the garage floor, and loves bossing the dogs. I love watching her explore stuff. Busy busy busy! Well maybe I'll have some more art photos later.
I'm so worrying about all our nings. I hope we can all keep our creative outlets, without too much expense. There's so much buzz in the newsletters about it. I'm sure we'll find a way to keep things rolling, I'm busy adding more to my favorites instead of relying on members at the nings. We'll have to blog hop more and work things out that way. I hope we don't loose many members. I love being part of such wonderful groups of talented, inspiring, kind, fun gals. I plan to financially support as much as I can. So dig in, there's hundreds of us and we can keep things rolling at each of our favorite places. Just something to think about! Until later, ") P

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Ophelia said...

love your doodle....hopefully you will have as much fun in your studio as you did with your little "darlingness"! Can't wait to see what you create.