May 16, 2010

Life on Zoom - LOL

What a super busy week we've had. Helping with a complete tear everything out, replace, paint, prime, flooring and holy moly is my daughter and granddaughter task masters. LOL It's amazing what can be accomplished when everyone does what they can. Tay's new place is going to be amazingly cool. Love the colors she picked, her and Ma picked awesome flooring and carpet. Now her and Mar can have a new safe place. Thank God we are blessed with awesome friends and family that are multi-talented in almost everything. Yeah!!!
John and I managed to work in a complete redo of two areas of dig out and redo mulch and freshen for flower areas and a place for our tomatoes. Mow, weed and feed the lawn, two new trees, and last evening the few minutes of relaxation on the deck was so rewarding. Grps got Mar a rockin' purple dino and it was a huge hit. She rocked and rocked and rocked. We all hit the sack a little after nine and didn't get up until almost 7. We were all so tired. Mom, Popa and Nana were still working on the house until late. Kitchen and bathroom floor, leaking toilet and then it's ready to move in. So we were the lucky ones, snoring, while they were finishing up and checking out the new flooring. LOL
Also ... in the collage, you will see I redid the chair. I thought it was just too busy and gessoed it and did something totally different. Just on the back and seat. I think it will look darling on a porch or garden. Well, keep creating ... Hug, P.


Tess said...

:) Love the chair redo....

Tolentreasures said...

Don't you just love redoing a home? Such a sense of satisfaction seeing it come together. Great that they have friends and family to help them.