Jun 13, 2010

A Rain Storm, Visitors, Fun and Art ... Whew!

We've had a busy day. I got time in the studio, came in showered and changed, did some pics of this weeks projects and a great fancy breakfast by my sweet. He's such a chef. Some friends and kids dropped by and we made pizza and the guys did a little hammering in the garage. They all left, I finished up my laundry and clean bedding and now I'm sharing some pics with you.
I'm so loving working with paper and paints lately, I also switch over to some doodles and watercolors. Anything artsy, I play with it. I'm kind of stocking up for a little "One of a Kind" garage sale with a few other people this Fall. We have a good location in Btown and I just keep producing and tucking it away. If it doesn't come to pass, there's always Ebay! LOL.
I've been playing with this "A Little Birdy Told Me" and doodling some birdies. They are now popping out in my creations.
I've been behind on surfing my blog world, but catching up this evening. Until later, keep creating. Hug, P


Tami said...

Pam~ These are all so adorable! You are greatly talented!!

Eden said...

What Colorful, Cute, and CrEaTiVe little birdies you have there!! Good reminders with them too!!

Anonymous said...

i just love your art!
this is so much fun...i did join in on that artsy linky list...i'm #106 ... that's how i found you!

come by and visit with me as well...there really is a lot of talent out here in this blissful digital world! lol

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Crazy4Art4U said...

Hi Pammy Jo, I found you from the artsy bloggy thing as Carmelina put it so well! I love, love, love your little birdies they are so adorable. I have recently discovered the doodling thing and have been slowly working on how to add it into my mixed media art - you have done it very well. Do you sell on Etsy? If not you might want to think about it...just a thought. All of us creative souls need to stick together and help each other grow...that is what the blog hop is about too, I think.
See you in the blogs...
Beth (#39 on the blog hop)

Janet said...

Your little birdies are just adorable! I came over from the Art Blog Hop and so glad I did.

joey72 said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE your little birds. The color is beautiful. I also love your apron inspired flowers and well, pretty much everything else I have seen of yours. So lovely.

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

These birds are so cute. Thanks for sharing them with the blog world! You are so talented.