Jul 20, 2010

Little Witchys Are Appearing in My Studio

Not many, but, there are spooky little flutters in my studio lately. I'm hoping to work on some more this weekend. It's been a busy summer. I am really feeling the pull to get back in and pick up my brushes and play. I do create everyday mainly getting ephemera and embellishments ready for collage. I just can't sit. I'm always thinking about what I can do to create something new.
Lot's of splashing go on this summer around here. Hope you are all enjoying this get out in the heat weather. I'm not. Ick. I'd rather have a bon fire and sweatshirt. Giggle. The only thing that can get me out is me and Marley splashing in her pool. Ha!


Amy said...

I love this witch! Perfect for the fall! We are new followers and look forward to seeing more! Hope you will check out our blog too- apronsandart.blogspot.com

Tolentreasures said...

Love the witch and the little girls in the pool are adorable. Don't you wish you could just sit in there with them?