Sep 16, 2011

O Yes, I Feel Fall

I love this pic, I'm so ready for Fall. Today it hit me like a ton of bricks. Very chilly and crisp weather. There's rain on the way. But, a sweatshirt and throw helped me enjoy my quickly cooling coffee this a.m. on the deck. It was fabulous. I'm off to see my hubby, who has had quite a long bought in the hospital. But, things are looking up now and I didn't have to rush this morning. I have been torn between work and him and stuff on the home front. So ... I'm grateful for this morning. I hope all is well with everyone, I feel like the up coming season lends itself better to browsing and blogging and creative options. Tonight I'm going to spend times visiting and see what I've been missing. I do have the creative things I've been working on, and hope to have time for that tomorrow morning. For now enjoy the Fall weather and the stirring of your creative muse. :) P

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