Sep 1, 2012

Facebook Has Stolen Time

I so miss my time here. Where has the summer gone. Dry and dessert like conditions, draught. I feel like I've shriveled up and my creative too. Anyone else feeling the blah. I'm a bit perked up today, as it's raining and cooler. Just a slight feeling of Fall around the corner. Yeah! Looking to forward to my favorite times of the year, not far off
I've been working on a whimsical bed for my lil' great granddaughter. Since this photo collage, I have repainted the headboard. It was just TOO busy! LOL Will share update soon. Coming back into a creative mood and I'm going to start hopping around to see what everyone else has been up to. :) P


Tami said...

Love the headboard, so adorable! I have been feeling the same way pretty much all summer long. I just started blogging again this week.

Tammy said...

Fall is here! Looking forward to what you've been up to!