Jan 20, 2008

Great Weekend Day 2

My but I've been busy. I've been doing some of my altered art. Ripping pieces of paper, gluing, cutting, antique the edges. Glitter, glue and tag. I have laundry, dusting and vacumn breaks, LOL.

I have even put a couple of my Hummels I'm selling on E-bay. I have a heck of a time getting a picture of the bottom of the figurines. They have a glare. Anyway, I hope some one gets them that appreciates them.

Well, I'm off again, my Dottie and Wynnie want to play and wrestle. I want to get things cleaned up, so I'm ready when the Packer/Giants playoff game comes on.

Have a great week!


Deb said...

Just want to tell you that I "discovered" you this evening. I think I bid on almost eveyrthing you have listed on ebay tonight. My husband has grounded me from ebay so I cheated but your work is such magic, it just warmed me right to the center of my heart. I couldn't resist. Just want you to know I think you are destined to touch many lives through your art. Bet you're a grand grammy! I'm a pretty doggoned grand grammy, too! And my husband is a bit goofy but he does not eat pickles with his chili!!! Deb (hippo-dreams on ebay)

pammyjo said...

Thank you so much for you kind words. I love making art and I love my grandkids. They know it too. LOL They refer to it as spoiled alot.
Drop by again.