Jan 19, 2008

It's Bitter Cold

I'm enjoying a perfect day to stay in, it's -20". I have been busy cutting paper pieces and organizing my studio (aka. corner of the kitchen). I do have a studio outback, but it's so cozy in here and I have all I need near by to create, so I'm treasuring this as a perfect Saturday morning. I slept in late for me, 6:30 a.m.
I have posted one of the many pieces I have up for auction on e-bay. I fell in love with this photo. You can tell these little fairies are up to no good. Crow is on to them though.

I love adding a little paint and prism pencil to my works. This piece also has a little glitter here and there. Someone told me my pieces look like I've painted a picture with paper. Why yes ... it kind of does.

I'm wanting to know more about a show coming up in April in Chicago. It was advertised in Cloth Paper Scissors. I'd love to go. Still searching for more information.

Typing in purple today ... because I can. LOLO Until later! P

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