Feb 4, 2008

The Football Season is Over

Well, another great superbowl is over. I'm not sure why I like watching football, I guess it was from my cheerleader days. We got together with friends like millions of other Americans. Friends, football and food. Great combination.

I did get some art pieces done this week too. I have a few of them up on e-bay.

My daughters surgery went really well. She didn't feel like it did, but she has done great. Then on Thursday night Friday she got the stomach flu. Yuck. She said it was as bad or worse than the surgery. Anyway ... she's on the road to recovery and I'm glad they did it laproscopically.

I'm have extremely strong creative urges this last few days. I have to sit down and concentrate. I guess we'll see what transpires.

Have a great week :0)

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