Feb 21, 2008

Where Did This Month Go

I feel like I've been in a time warp. My daughter had her gallbladder out, developed a headache that nothing would help, had an MRI where it was discovered she had had a stroke. Holy monkeys. I have been worried sick. When traumatic things happen in my life, I feel like I go on auto pilot. God is holding me up, pushing me on and through. Thank heavens. Every night you crash so hard, that morning rolls around and you just keep going and then crash again. We have all been blessed with tons of prayer, and things are on the mend. She just has to get her stamina back.

I'm excited that my thoughts are turning to creative things again. I'm hoping this weekend to devote more time to my art. My mind has been churning with possible creative efforts to pursue. I think I'm going to paint for awhile. Get some more stuff on ebay, and continue my new book, "Living the Creative Life" by Rice Freeman-Zachery. It is an awesome book. I feel a connection with each one I read about, or I identify a similarity in certain areas. It's amazing.

Maybe I'll have more to share by the weekend. Thanks to all for their prayers and offers of meals and visits.

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