Feb 24, 2008

It's Sunday, My Favorite Day of the Week

The weather outside is wonderful, finally I feel like Spring is within reach. I've been doing some art pieces and cleaning and laundry. Busy, busy. We are babysitting for our grand dog A.J. (lovingly referred to as Fuzz Nuts by my husband) LOL At right is A.J.'s daughter my little Dottie and a Sunday nap.

Yesterday, we went to town and the casino. It was a spur of the moment idea and we went with it. I'm so glad we did. I put a 10 dollar bill in one of the machines and played for 10 minutes an won 32.00. I went to the next machine and played quite awhile, winning and losing and then hit a big one and moved on with 76.00. My final machine I hit big again and cashed out with 111.00
Not being able to give up my winning streak, I played awhile longer on yet another machine. Cashed out at 136.00. So ... we left. Giggle. It's a first visit and win to the Catfish Bend Casino.
It was a total change of pace for us and really fun. My husband was only up about 14.00 for his efforts. Ha

My daughter and son-in-law and grandson joined us at a local restaurant and we had supper together. I was so wanting to play with my art when I got home, but instead ... crashed in front of the TV and fell asleep. I ate to much!

Anyway, just wanted to check in and hope my hyper creative spirit returns soon. It has been coming in spurts for a week or so. I think I am just over loaded with too many ideas, that I'm in a jumbled state of affairs.

:o) P

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