Mar 9, 2008

The Big 60 Surprise

Well I pulled it off!!! He was surprised. Totally surprised by the crowd.

We had about 175 people and the food was inhaled and the music was great! He will treasure all his wonderful gifts. The cane and beanie were so thoughtful. The hearing horn and all the gift certificates. We were truly blessed to be surrounded by friends and family. Chris was shocked too.

He loved all his gifts but the carved love statue was a one-of-a-kind. I have the feeling it will show up again at another birthday, because we all strongly believe in regifting! Giggle!

John G. did a great job with the sound system and lighting. Jodi's cakes and cookies were DELICIOUS and a work of art. We can't thank everyone enough for the great evening and super memories. Thanks to Ruthie, Chris and Kerry, Sandy, Asa and Judy, the Bunj's I would never have pulled it off without you.

I wish John would have been over his cold, while it was an early night for him, he's been grinning all day despite the coughing and temperature.

Love ya all!


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