Mar 13, 2008

Creative Ideas Are In Overdrive

This is my latest E-bay post. She is such a pretty little fairy. My muse is in full swing. Patiently waiting for the weekend, I plan on being at my art table a lot. Enjoy!
My other E-bay post got a bid from Rachel in the UK. She is a wonderful return buyer. Welcome anytime. Thanks for dropping by.
I want to work this weekend on listing some more of my favorite places to visit. There are so many creative souls out there, and I appreciate their purchases, visits, email, and comments, they are very inspiring! :o) P


Karen Owen said...

I love the soft beauty of this piece.


Gaby Bee. said...

This card is just amazing.
I've put a link on my blog to yours.

pammyjo said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I have visited your blog and it is amazing. You are so talented.

Viola said...

Stunning! Love all your work!