Jun 15, 2008

34 Highway Yard Sale

Brandi, Jenny and I went on the 34 Highway Yard Sale. It goes through numerous towns and a lot of miles. We didn't make it far, but we packed the truck with treasures. Brandi is the ultimate organizer when it comes to fitting all the finds in her truck. The back was loaded with furniture and if it had drawers they held the little treasures. Luckily the Honda truck has a trunk and great under the seat storage. What an adventure. My backseat companion was a blow mold snowman, that Jenny is going to put on top her cupboards for Christmas. He was a little stiff until you got to know him.

This picture is something city yard sale shoppers don't see a lot of. We didn't have bungy cords or I'm sure we could have got a deal on the pigs too. LOL If you want the best deal, take Brandi with ya. She gets the lowest prices from anyone. She can get a $5 item for a dime. Seriously. It's incredible!

Anyway, it was a total blast of fun and we discovered Jenny will buy almost anything, which included a hot pink colored reindeer (elk) . Can't say more. It will be on someone's Christmas present, incorporated in the bow. She's a girl that thinks ahead. LOL

I'll share a picture later of my favorite buy of the day~it's wonderful! Plus I got an awesome desk to sit my sewing machine on in the studio for $7. It was $10, but Brandi coached me before the transaction. YeeHaw!

To all the Daddy's, Have a wonderful day!


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