Jun 17, 2008

Flood 2008 Photos

Things are really tense here in town. It's a 24/7 job sand bagging and then watching for leaks and water levels. It's been rising inches an hour. Sad as it is, the levy break at Carthage Lake has given people a chance to actually think. However, it's temporary and it will begin to rise again any time this afternoon. This is our friends front yard, the sandbag wall is taller now. This was a day and a half ago. Still all safe their except the basement. Last night they got everything out including the furnace. It's hard to see all the problems and difficulty. You have to experience it.
The road closed sign is looking west toward my house. I've included a few shots of the black graphite that has also made like miserable.
As you can see the sand pile is low in this picture today, but 5 big IDOT trucks came fully loaded just as I got home. The National Guard has finally been growing in numbers and there help has made things go faster and smoother.
Just one and half block over two more homes were lost to to the west this morning. Probably about 3 to 4 feet in them. Sandbags didn't hold.

We are not in flood danger at our house, so all we can do is support the effort, cooking, feeding and opening our shower and laundry help to friends on the river road.

We have helicopters flying over, sirens, army trucks, it's lot's of action for our little community.
We think we can beat the mighty Mississippi. I think we can ... I think we can.
Last report if we get to go to work it will be about 90 to 100 mile trip to Burlington. We'll decide more on that tomorrow.

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Rosie said...

Thinking of you all - we had experience of devastating floods last summer.