Jul 6, 2008

A Great Yard Sale Find

Here is a picture of my tiny studio. It will soon be partially blocked by our new 30x30 garage. I'm on a different planet when I'm out in the studio, so ... I will be thrilled to have the garage. I won't know I'm partially blocked. LOL - More storage. I can get some things out of the house. We won't have to go up and down a ladder to the attic. Giggle. Getting to old for that stuff, I want to walk out to a shelf and get what we need. Decorations, seasonal things, etc. John and I are both looking forward to it getting underway! Right now it's just staked out. Then it's order and wait on the contractor.
Finally got a picture of my yard sale granny afghan. I got it for a VERY LOW PRICE. It is in excellent condition and I couldn't pass it up. Several people have looked at it, and we think it is crocheted with a very fine wool. This picture it's folded in half. The colors are super, and very little if any repeat squares. Are you ready ..... I spent $25-Yippee!!!

Well, I need to get back out to the studio and finish cleaning up, I rearranged already and put up some new wording on the wall. "Art washes away the dust on the soul." I'll take a picture soon. I have a vintage apron for a curtain now, so you will be able to see that too (Another yard sale find, $1).
Have a great creative, productive and happy week!
:) P


picture.girl said...

Even though I was with you when you found this awesome deal, I still can't believe it. Love the studio. To darling. Wish mine was out back.

Karen Owen said...

Congrats on the big garage and storage space - a luxury! Your studio looks darling. I turned a bedroom into my studio. I sort of wish I had a little house like yours. Do you have heat and AC?

Rosie said...

Pam I can't BELIEVE how tiny your Studio is! Are you moving into the new garage or just using it for storage? It makes me feel very lucky that I have a large room to play in.

Michelle said...

If you ask me, make a deal that John can put HIS stuff in the little garage and take the big garage for YOU :)