Jul 12, 2008

Halloween In July

This is the newest lil' witch (I think her name is Lillith). She is playing under the Halloween moon. Her companion Jack rests comfortably on her lap. They wait for just the right moment to fly out on their broom and join their bat friends. Going fast enough to rustle the leaves on the ground and maybe put a little scare into some trick-or-treaters. LOL
I've tried to shake it away, but the Halloween spirit is strong still. So ... I'm just going with it!
I've found some new places to visit, they are just the most inspiring and happy blogs. Since we don't have much time for surfing around, I like sharing and taking short cuts from other bloggers. Thanks so much for your comments, emails and creative support. To all my customers, have a great weekend. I'll be adding the new inspirations soon. Don't forget to check out my ebay items.


picture.girl said...

cute stuff. I need a few for the studio..... have any photography insirations?

picture.girl said...

inspirations.... if I could type.