Aug 2, 2008

Catch Up & Create Day

While, talking and sharing ideas is fun. Brenda and I couldn't just sit around. We tried something completely out of the ordinary for us. Icicle Dolls. We both had seen them here and there and liked them. We didn't have a pattern or a set way they should look, so we used Rosie's picture from her blog and away we went. Brenda did a darling pumpkin version, I did a more traditional face and then came up with the idea to use one of my vintage faces on fabric and here it is. You can't see all her pretty beads and sparkle, her pink cheeks were washed out in the scan. But ... It was super fun and we had a great day together. I'm thinking I'll hang her on my Christmas tree this year.
I do want to comment about Brenda so matter of factly giving tips ... like "just use a quilters knot and pull through". Like I've made a quilt. LOLOLOL She is the Sewing Diva. I'm the painter/altered art/collage Diva. Giggle!
Live joyfully,


picture.girl said...

cute. I love the print on fabric. that is cool.

picture.girl said...

Love your new Ebay items. Darling. Not sure how those just fly out of your hands. Too Cute

Tootie said...

Very cute! I can see these hangning on a Christmas tree!

Linda said...

Thats great! Sounds like you had fun - how do you do the face on fabric?

Sally L. Smith said...

How cute! and what a great idea!