Aug 1, 2008

Busy Hands

I don't know where she came from, but I've been thinking ahead to Christmas and next thing you know, there's an angel. She is very pretty.
I love this image. I think I'm going to offer her several times. Like a series. No two will be alike though. They will all be OOAK. Kind of challenge to myself. I think they would be good for collectors Christmas trees too. Truth be known, it's so darn hot, I actually wished for snow. LOL
I've also challenged myself to some 8 x 8 format. I love it. I've made one item to sell and the other is a gift. It is so fun working in a little bit bigger format for a change. I think I'm going to try an inchie just to drop down to the tiny side. There are a lot of inchie challenges I'd like to try.
I feel like stretching. My friend Brenda is coming tomorrow for an artsy day she doesn't know it but I'm hoping she will help me get started on a dottie doll. (Rosie I'm still wanting to try one so bad.)
I finished the Moses basket and I'm going to try and fill it with baby stuff and more stuff. It's a surprise. This is a close up of the fabric I used (double click the image and it will bring up a close up). It was from my stash. Of course you can tell it's for a girl. It's the biggest basket I've ever seen. My friend Jenny got it at an antique store, the former lining and pad are history, she get's it back when we're done with it. She will be surprised to see the difference. The basket itself is in excellent shape.

Well, I'm sure I'll have alot to chat about after tomorrow.
Until then, keep creating!

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