Aug 22, 2008

My Moon Pie

For several years, my friend Carla and I have referred to our husbands, sometimes sacastically, sometimes really meaning it, as "Our Moon Pies". I never knew there was actually a Moon Pie product. LOL But, my daughter found, on her little adventure this week to Nashville, the real thing. She brought me home a Moon Pie. Giggle. Little did I know that there is actually a website and ordering information, not only for the product, but for clothing and gift wear associated with the Moon Pie. This is the site to visit. It's great. I'm thinking ahead to Christmas. LOL
I also wanted to share with you one of the many photo treasures that were brought home from my friends travels. I just scanned this one of the 3 young ladies, I'm assuming were dressed quite fashionable. Please feel free to use it in your art. I have alot of ideas for an art piece bumping around in my head. Hmmm? Do you see possibilites?

I'm so glad we are a little more casual these days. Whew! I hope to post some more, for they all had a good eye and I'm excited to make something using the picture treasures. Thanks to all, you're all the best!! Until later, XXs P


Karen Owen said...

I can't believe you've never had a moon pie! Well, now you've had the experience. You're supposed to drink an RC Cola as you eat it. The photo is beautiful. Obviously sisters - they look so much alike.

Bren said...

I thought you knew about Moon Pies, LOOL! I could have gotten one for you. Now they have Mini Moon Pies, too.
Oh for the Love of it, I have got to get you two out more!
Had a Great time with the kids. Talk to ya soon.

Anonymous said...

I've actually been to the Moon Pie Factory- it's the pride and joy of Chattanooga,! And you haven't lived until you've had a fried moon pie at a Tennessee fair! :~) lol.