Sep 2, 2008

We Played and Labored

We had a great long weekend. Moon Pie and I went to Argyle state park. They have a steam engine show. But among the tall pines and forest there is a junk, antique, craft and food festival. Or, as I like to think of it, a treasure hunt! To my surprise I didn't get many items, but some very nice ones. I found several new vintage cabinet cards of children, some really nice linens and great trims. I got 7 pieces of tatting. I can't wait to incorporate them into something whimsical. Maybe an icicle doll for my Christmas tree. That's thinking ahead.
After that we enjoyed a little time in Nauvoo at the Grape Festival. Yummy. I bought locally grown concord grapes that were scrumptious and two bottles of wine. One red and one white. Very delicious. Good for the heart! LOL
I also completely took apart my storage room. Everything out. Ripped up the carpet, that was here when purchased and scrapped up the yucky foam back. What a nightmare. However, we both kept at it and it was history! Yeah!!!! We cleaned washed walls and the floor. We then bought a vinyl floor and installed it. Just call us Mr. and Mrs. HGTV. Giggle! We even did it with out much fussing and our finished product is clean and fresh and reorganized. We are trying to "Simplify".
Until later,


Sally L. Smith said...

Your energy inspires me! Thanks for visiting my blog. See you around. Still waiting on baby.

Linda said...

Hi Pammyjo - thanks for your comments! Glad you had a good long've been very busy.
Enjoy the wine!
Love Linda x

picture.girl said...

Sounds fun. How productive.... I LOVE to simplify!!!!