Sep 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Bran

Tonight we had dinner out for my daughters birthday. She is the joy of my life. I love her dearly! We had fun at a new spot in town ... Kelly O'Shea's. Use to be the old Shamrock Tavern. The food was very good and the new decor is great. The whole family went. Jenny and Paul joined us, which is just extended family. LOL As usual, we waited for Noah my grandson to finish off the table ... giggle. He eats constant and is never full. I guess it's rough growing in to pre-teen. Tay's friend and new baby joined us. Cameron is a doll baby, just 3 weeks. The really sad part is, not one of us brought a camera.
I also wanted to share a pic of my tired little girl, Dottie. She is 90% sweet and 10% look out. She's the boss. We laugh about her all the time. She's a funny and entertaining little princess. LOL
So ... while I'm in blogland, I decided to change my header to something more Fall/Spooky time.
Thank you very much to my customers this week. I'll be busy the next couple evenings in my studio I hope, I want to get some more items posted. I appreciate all your support, I love creating.
Until later,


picture.girl said...

It was yummy too..... thanks for dinner. I love you too. you favorite daughter!!!!!

Linda said...

Hi Pammyjo - thanks for your comment. Yes, I'm doing the Suzi blu workshop; its brilliant!Here is the link
you'll need to click on 'Les Petit Dolls workshop' at the side of the blog. Have you seen her videos on youtube? She's a bit crazy and you have to get used to her style, but she has such good ideas. I've learnt loads! I'm also doing another Sarah Whitmire class in November. It is one you pay for (Suzi also) and you'll find it on the Joggles website
Hope that helps!!!
Linda x