Sep 20, 2008

O Hallows Eve ... I love tricks and treats!

I've been busy, missed posting for awhile. I've made myself a few new decorations for Halloween and purchased some. Thanks Honey Girl ... love my plant stick, it's spooky. I'm going to start decorating. This post includes my dried gourd from a treasure hunt. I painted it with witches dancing round. LOL I need to add a bat or two, some spattering, and a little touch of country antiquing and then it's done. Some email friends couldn't wait for me to complete it all the way. They wanted to peek. You know who you are. LOL
Now I have to go and pick out some reproduction vintage fabric. Remember my cleaning and floor redo in our storage. Well ... I've decided to make new curtains. Tired of the old ones. I have two fabrics picked out, I'm going with one of them today. No more thinking about it. At least I hope I come home with just one. LOL I'm feeling more comfortable around my sewing machine, and it's really quite fun. Sometimes!
If you stop by Memories by Brandi there is a link to "my girlz" you can see the newest pics of our M. We can't wait for her to come into our family. We can see her little face profile and tiny toes, spine. She's a real cutie. I cry just thinking about how anxious I am to cuddle her. The doctors are pleased with her development and she is right on track. I'm hoping she's early enough to be a little "Boo"!
Hugs til later

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Bren said...

I love that little pillow. And the pumpkin is too cute. I'll check out your punkins when I come to town. May have to drive down tomorrow.