Oct 11, 2008

Great Day for a Great Granddaughter Party

Today we are in the party mode. We will be showering my grangirl and my soon to arrive great grangirl, Marley. If you want to learn more you can visit www.memoriesbybrandi.blogspot.com and click on my girlz. We are so excited, we can hardly stand ourselves. While I've tried to show some restraint, I'm going into the shout out the fun mode. Grandpa and I got her crib bedding and have been buying items off and on for quite awhile. Items she'll need when she comes to snuggle with us, too. LOL Just wanted to let you know what's going on and I'll be back with shower pictures. Thanks for all the nice emails and wishes. I'm truly blessed to know so many kind, caring friends. Well ... until later! :o) XOX P

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Linda said...

Such a very special time for you...I can tell you are so excited! We look forward to seeing the photos. Hope all goes well for the new mum.
Love Linda
Thanks for your kind comments about my painting Pammyjo.