Oct 5, 2008

Great Shopping, Super Weather

We got an early start to a fun day. We chatted our way through the country to arrive at London Mills, IL. Our plan worked we didn't have to sit in traffic. We drove right in found the best parking any of us have had in years and off we went. While our coats were needed until after lunch, it didn't deter us. We wanted treasures. LOL Our first stop was a wardrobe stop for Brenda and Carla. I'm glad the car was close, we almost needed a pack mule. (I might be exaggerating a bit.) If you can't decide get 'em all. Giggle! We all love the smell of kettle corn, coffee, and scents from the booths. I found a delightful little table I'm going to transform in to something even more delightful. Then they so graciously left me to dig in a box of photos at the antique store. Oh yes, it paid off. I got 3 cuties. I'll be sharing later. After sharing a haystack of onion rings and a funnel cake we had a beverage from the cooler, and off to the next village. The crowds were big this year. I won't mention every little thing but I found the most darling huge wood flowers to hang on the studio. They are such a cute idea. Brenda and I got our doggie girls monogramed harnesses. They were cute colors and who could resist. Carla picked up a darling Chanel purse for her daughter. After a butterfly pork chop sandwich and a pepsi, we hit the road again. We needed to sit for awhile, but we didn't realise it was going to hurt so bad to crawl back in to the car. Giggle. We were all feeling it in the hips.
I found the best tall narrow pumpkin to add to my step. It's a beauty. However, an unmentioned friend did not seat belt it in and when my other friend opened the door it fell out an was damaged on the running board. Thud, GASP!! While they found more humor in it than I, it was pretty funny. By the time we left for home, we all had the giggles out of control. So much so ... you can barely see to drive kind.
Another thing I want to share is some of the neat linens I got. Especially the table cloth that someone tacked, with super fine stiches, ric-rac all around. I just had to pick it up, someone spent all that time and I'm going to treasure it.
I know my new blog head is pushing it a bit, but in blog land Christmas pixies come out early. So ... I just had to. :o) P

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picture.girl said...

love your new header. darling. can't wait to see the tall pumpkin. I need to get some done. HELP