Oct 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home Today

I'm sharing a photo I got at flea market. It's in horrible condition, but if you double click and make it larger you will see why I couldn't leave it behind. The two children are playing and being silly. Something just shines through all the age. A coal bucket and a bowl seem to be of great delight to them. I don't know, I just thought it was wonderful. I kind of want to be there on the porch watching the two little darlings. Must be the grammy in me. LOL I could clean it up somewhat with my software, but I'm not going to. I like the fact that their little faces shine through time and grime.
More later!


Char said...

I love that photo!....i would have bought it too!...You know you can take it to walmart, scan it in the kodak maker....and It has a "restore" option...it will print you out whatever size you choose and will do a fairly good with restoring it....not perfect....but, better and then frame it in a black or vintage frame.

Linda said...

I love that picture - even the border round the edge is pretty.
Linda x