Nov 20, 2008

Angel Baby

Thank you all for your prayers. Our little Marley is doing so well. Mommy and Marley came home and are settled in. They have had a stream of visitors and well wishers. My daughter and I work at a regional medical center. Her co-workers are taking turns periodically, dropping off supper each evening while Brandi is off and enjoying her new grandbaby! I just think that is the sweetest thing. We are so blessed beyond imagination.


Tami said...

Happy to hear all is well! She is adorable! I got your mail today! Thanks so much, the little aceo surpise is so cute! I posted it on my blog.

May you have a blessed night!

picture.girl said...

We are absolutely the most lucky people on the planet. I did not expect all that has been done for us and we are so VERY THANKFUL. She must be an angel..... :) and our friends and family are the most supportive and helpful people alive!!!!!

Bren said...

So glad all are doing well! She is so precious!

Miranda said...

Awww how precious...congratulations Pam! I am glad to hear all is well and mommy and Marley are keepin warm at home. Can't wait to see the ornies you and mom make too. Stay warm!