Nov 23, 2008

Snowman Saw

A co-worker asked me to paint a little hand saw for her. She had bought it at a craft show with little ghosts on it. Really cute. She wanted something winter on the other side so she could leave it out longer. So this weekend I took brush in hand and this is what I painted for winter. LOL My thought was she could leave it up longer than if I did something holiday.
Missing my little angel baby, she went to an early Thanksgiving dinner with relatives on the other side of her family. I bet she's charming there socks off and has them wrapped around her finger too, she can do it in seconds, giggle!
My friend over at Bren's Busy Hands and I have teamed up on making some peppermint candies. She did the sewing and stuffing and I'm painting them and going to try and sew the bells in the middle. I hope to have a few completely done to show you in a day or so. We're thinking this team work thing might lead us to have more darling decor for our homes.
Have a couple things to share for Watcha Workin On Wednesday. Hugs to all, :0) P


picture.girl said...

Darling. Reminds me of when I was little you painted saws all the time.... funny. Very cute though. Beats the ice skating rink sing from the 80s

Bren said...

Love the saw!! You rock girl. We can do anything with this team work thing, giggle.

Tami said...

So very cute!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!