Nov 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Well my hubby has been whipping around the kitchen this morning. He is in his element. We are having our big supper this evening. Some of our family had noon chow downs too. He's made two loaves of bread, homemade egg noodles and baked a pie. I on the other hand have only made a fruit salad. My daughter is bringing the veggies and another pie. Giggle! He grumbles about having to do it all, but he's in heaven. He's a cook through and through. I confess ... an excellent one too. I kind of like watching him stirring around, flour flying and coffee brewing. He's loving it. But, he hasn't put the turkey in yet. Thus ... the refrigerator shot. The best part, he cleans up after himself. Isn't that amazing? Giggle. Well enjoy your day with family and friends, it doesn't get any better than this. Sigh!!!! Hugs, :o) P

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Bren said...

What time is supper, I don't want to be late, giggle! Looks yummy.

Enjoy family and the day. Hug that new baby for me.

Hugs, Bren