Nov 28, 2008

Redwork Christmas

Well I missed Whatcha Workin' On Wednesday, so I'm posting what I've got done recently. I sewed up two of my redwork pillows and painted some peppermint candies. The peppermints were the team effort from and I. Stop over and visit, she's always working on something cute and prim. She is a very talented seamstress and prim artist. I can only sew straight lines and not that well. Giggle. But, I can paint. Her and I can turn out most anything if we set our minds to it.
I'm feeling a little "flubsy" today. LOL Hmmm ... could it be I ate like a horse yesterday, last night and breakfast. Geez. I'm glad that's over. Everything was delicious, and we had a great time. Lot's of friends and extended family dropped by ... I think baby "M" was the attraction, but it was still fun and great to see everyone. Miss "M" handles the paparazzi like a trooper.
Tomorrow, my daughter, granddaughter and great grandbaby are going on our Christmas shopping extravaganza. We have decided to go to Jordan Creek in Des Moines. We are getting a motel room extremely close and that will make it fun and less stressful. We'll travel home Sunday. I love our shopping days, I just hope it's productive. Well, I consider the Christmas season officially kicked off, so I'll be getting back to you on my return. Hugs :o) P


Bren said...

Have a Super shopping trip! You girls will have a blast. Love the pillows and those mints are to die for, giggle.


Tootie said...

Beautiful redwork! Cute mints too!

Viola said...

Wonderful pieces, Pammyjo!